Interview with Professor Guy McPherson on Abrupt Climate Change and Near Term Human Extinction

Rozmowa Ansona Nasha z prof. Guy’em McPhersonem na temat tak zwanej nagłej zmiany klimatu i związanej z nią „bliskookresowej zagłady człowieka”. Za zgodą Ansona Nasha i Guy’a McPhersona. (By courtesy of Anson Nash and Guy McPherson).

The Canary is Dead

I interviewed Guy McPherson today, and I asked him some questions about what lies ahead, what to do with hope, and what people can do to better themselves in what could very well be the end times for most of the planet. Guy McPherson is professor emeritus from the University of Arizona, specializing in conservation biology. Guy has been speaking about the topic of near term human extinction for many years now. Along his path he has been faced with unfair criticism, and many personal attacks. He is ringing alarms, and being the messenger. Sadly, most of the human race is not ready to understand, or even consider the possibility of our near term demise.

I care deeply about the planet, and I despise those that destroy it. That is why I write about these issues. I have been gifted the opportunity to interview Guy and below is our discussion…

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